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If you’re looking to buy or need a loan on your tools in the Ventura area, visit the Pawn Shop of Ventura to get yourself a good deal. We sell quality tools such as Snap On, Milwaukee, and DeWalt at an affordable price. People don’t immediately think of a pawn shop when they are looking for a place to shop for tools, but that may be a mistake! We consistently offer a varied inventory of tools at our Ventura store. From generators to specialty tools. In fact, we may well be one of the best places to look for tools. If you have time, check back periodically and see what we have available.

From Power Tools to Hand Tools

We have an enormous range of tools in stock that are for sale at any given time. These range from antiques that those who enjoy fixing tools may want to own, to all the latest power tools on the market. We’ve had drills, saws, nail guns, and much more come through our shop over time. We’ve also seen screwdriver sets, drill presses, and air compressors. If you’re looking to get a good deal on a tool, we should be a regular stop on your rotation. We’ve outfitted many a home shop, as well as professional contractors with what we have in our stock. Tools make good collateral loan items, as well because they’re something of value that you can pawn and then buy back when you need it again. Our short-term loans are always at reasonable rates, and we work with you to get the best value possible for your item at today’s market rates. Tool quality, brand name, and current popularity will all weigh into the amount we can provide you with, so please contact us for additional details.

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